Columbus OH Farmers Markets 2023

The city of Columbus, Ohio continues to thrive as a hub for vibrant farmers markets. These markets offer an array of fresh produce, local goods, and a bustling atmosphere where residents and visitors alike can enjoy a unique shopping experience. Let’s explore some of the farmers markets that are expected to be highlights in Columbus … Continued

Intel Columbus Update: Jobs Posted

Intel is already posting job openings for their new fabs in Columbus! The Intel job postings in Columbus include engineering, construction, project management, and more! Intel plans to build two factories, known as fabs, to be built in New Albany in Licking County, Ohio. “These are high-paying, high-tech jobs, ranging from factory operators and equipment … Continued

Intel To Build World’s Largest Chip Factory in New Albany OH

Intel is investing $20 billion to build 2 chip fabs in Jersey Township. The two new factories will employ 3,000 people and will have an average salary of $135,000 annually. The project itself is expected to create 17,000 additional jobs indirectly and in construction. This huge project brings new clout to Ohio’s economic development. The … Continued