Intel is investing $20 billion to build 2 chip fabs in Jersey Township. The two new factories will employ 3,000 people and will have an average salary of $135,000 annually. The project itself is expected to create 17,000 additional jobs indirectly and in construction.

This huge project brings new clout to Ohio’s economic development. The project could eventually become eight factories and $100 billion in investments over the coming decade. The Columbus Dispatch reports that construction is expected to start this year, and the first chips will be produced by 2025.

“Ultimately, we hope to establish the largest semiconductor manufacturing site on the planet. We have felt your enthusiasm strong commitment to not only help Intel grow in your state, but to help advance semiconductor research and development and manufacturing in the United States. This project is a long-term strategic investment that will help drive our industry to Ohio.” – Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger

The new Intel fabs will be built on land that New Albany is annexing from Licking County’s Jersey Township. Approximately 30 Intel suppliers are expected to come to the site as well, adding even more jobs.

Intel is committing $100 million to partnerships with local colleges and universities to build a workforce capable of delivering what Intel and its suppliers will need.

As part of the preparation for such a massive project, Governer DeWine said that Ohio will need to expand route 161 and that area surface roads will need improvements.

Intel Site In New Albany

Earlier this month Columbus Dispatch reported that New Albany entered an annexation agreement that could bring 3,190 acres into the city. The land will be annexed from Jersey Township in Licking County. The new plants are expected to be built on 1,776 of the 3,190 acres. Intel specifically will need 926 acres, and they have the option to increase that to 1,500 acres. There will be another 250 acres set aside for the approximately 30 suppliers to Intel.

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