Gold, pink, green ribbon says "Great Place In Ohio" for Delaware OhioDelaware, Ohio is a fantastic place to live, work, and play! Residents love the bustling downtown, and so does the Ohio Chapter of the American Planning Association. They recently awarded Downtown Delaware a “Great Place In Ohio” designation.

This awards program “honors outstanding physical spaces throughout the state that planners have created and nurtured through careful planning and imagination.” -from the City Of Delaware press release.

Delaware’s downtown was evaluated based on:

  • planning initiatives
  • how space is used
  • special history
  • character and personality
  • uniqueness

“Delaware celebrates the historical context of the community by integrating its past into current and future success,” the American Planning Association

A favorite feature of Downtown Delaware is its historic business district. Parts of the relatively intact district are on the National Register of Historic Places. People especially enjoy the Sandusky Street Corridor, which is three blocks of eclectic shops, restaurants, and brew pubs.

“The downtown is Delaware’s most defining element. It is preserved historic buildings still very much resembling their 19th-century origins, as well as eclectic shopping, patio dining, and cultural offerings.” – Dave Efland, Delaware Planning and Community Development Director

The City of Delaware is committed to a bustling downtown, and this is reflected in the Historic Preservation Commission. The commission preserves historic structures in downtown and ensures that new construction is compatible with the historic district. These efforts and others are supported by City Hall to make Downtown Delaware a thriving Main Street community.

“The cumulative effect of all of this is a vibrant Downtown District where visitors, business, university, and the arts create a synergy defining Delaware’s personality.” – Dave Efland

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