Many people make a New Year’s resolution, but according to U.S. News & World Reports, 80 percent fail by February. Exercising to get in shape is the most popular resolution, with about 20 percent of people wanting to achieve this goal.

If you’re like most of us and you’re on your way to failing your new year’s resolution to get fit, we want to help you get back to it.

Once you have committed to beginning a fitness routine, the question is WHAT kind of physical activity will be the best fit for you?

Path To Resolution Success

Accountability is a big part of resolution success. Will a workout partner help you stick to your goals? Will you join a gym and have a trainer hold you accountable? Or are you the type of person that has enough self-discipline to stay focused and be successful on your own?

Achieving Fitness Goals In Columbus

The Columbus area is fortunate to have a variety of options to help you reach your personal fitness goals for 2020! Indoor. Outdoor. You name it! Pure Barre Polaris is a new concept in our area and now open on Gemini Parkway. Barre is a combination of exercises combined with strengthening and toning your body. Recently, we were able to spend some time with Amanda at Pure Barre Polaris, and here is what she shared with us.

Can you describe barre to our readers?

Barre fitness as we practice it at Pure Barre is a low-impact, high-intensity workout. Low-impact means that you are not doing any running or jumping, so it is safe on your joints and prevents injury. We do repetitive, small isometric movements to drive up the intensity of the workout to strengthen and tone muscles while also increasing endurance.

We focus on each area of the body throughout class, including arms, thighs, seat, deep core, and abs – so you always get a full-body workout with each class. Between each section of a class, we stretch the muscles so that they become stronger and leaner, which creates the toned physique many of our clients aim to achieve!

Each class features musically driven exercises for a continuously fresh full-body workout that is ever-changing and progressing with our clients, so you will never take the same Pure Barre class twice! Our exercises work for every body type as well – we have many clients who are pregnant or have injuries that they need to modify around, and vice versa, we have clients who are ready to challenge themselves with each movement. Regardless of where people are in their fitness journey, Pure Barre is both safe and effective when it comes to achieving the results they desire.

Can you tell us a little more about the idea of Pure Barre?

Barre fitness can range across different gyms and studios – many can be more dance or pilates centered while others can be more aerobic. Pure Barre focuses on continual small, isometric movements to burn and fatigue the muscles. We incorporate stretching throughout class rather than only at the end because we aim to lengthen the muscles while they are freshly warmed, creating that lean and tone body muscle.

The idea of group fitness is exploding nationwide. People tend to see results quicker. They are more motivated by having instructors that know their goals and needs. The small group dynamic allows members to become friends that encourage each other. Pure Barre is no exception to this, and I would boldly say it is one of the most effective options when it comes to group fitness. Community is truly the heart of Pure Barre. We love our technique because it is effective and scientifically proven to produce results, but the heart of Pure Barre is the community. Our instructors aim to know all of our clients by name as well as their goals. We want to harbor a community of encouragement rather than comparison. So far, at Pure Barre Polaris, we have loved watching our community grow and start to become this!

What can someone expect from their experience at Pure Barre?

One can expect to be challenged more than they may think they would be in their first class. Pure Barre is its own technique, and works many muscles that people may not even know they have in ways they’ve never worked them before! It takes most people at least 4-7 classes to begin to get the technique and flow of class down. Our classes move quickly, as we don’t want to waste a minute of our 50 minutes together, but after a few classes, our clients really catch on. Here is a great video of what people can expect for their first Pure Barre class.

How did you come to the idea of opening a Pure Barre location here?

I started doing Pure Barre in college and absolutely loved it. Going into my first class as a former dancer, I thought I would nail it – but boy, was I humbled! It was tough, and I loved how instantly I could feel my muscles working and burning. However, we’ve been living in the Polaris area for about six years now, and there just wasn’t a location close enough to me that was convenient for my schedule. I had been doing Pure Barre DVDs by myself for a long time, but I missed the encouragement I got from my instructors and those in my class. I tried other methods of group fitness but didn’t find anything that I loved as much as Barre. Every year I asked my husband, “when is Polaris getting a Pure Barre?” This past year my husband finally told me it didn’t seem like we ever would, and it was actually his idea that we should do it ourselves. We are so excited to have opened our studio’s doors to the Polaris area community this month and have loved watching those around us fall in love with the technique.

What offers do you have for potential customers?

Right now, since we have just recently opened, we have some amazing limited-time offers going on! We are offering up to almost 40% off the first three months of membership, and we have several membership options to choose from. Our memberships are all month-to-month with no long-term contract. We are currently running our free introductory class called Foundations almost daily. We would love to invite anyone interested in our studio to come and try a free class with us!

What do you recommend to get started?

All we recommend to get started is just to come as you are. Many people think they need to achieve a certain level of strength or flexibility before starting a barre program, but this isn’t true.

The only way you will become “strong enough” or “flexible enough” is by starting the program – and even then, you will never find yourself plateauing as there are always ways to challenge yourself and improve your technique! This is one of the many reasons why many Pure Barre clients stay clients permanently. To get started, simply come try a complimentary class and see how it goes – we are confident that soon enough, you will love this technique and community as much as we do!

As you look ahead, remind yourself that a new habit takes 21 days to form. Just remember that you have to start somewhere. Find your “Day 1” and start! Whatever your fitness goals are for 2020, we wish you the best of luck as you strive to obtain them!

Get Started Today!

We think this is a great option for getting fit in Columbus! Ready to get started? Here’s more information about Pure Barre Polaris to help you succeed:

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