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You find the buyer.

We handle the paperwork!

man in blue shirt leaning on for sale by owner sign in front of a house

Everybody knows the Columbus real estate market is 🔥HOT🔥. This has led to some homes selling by word of mouth. You might be able to find a buyer simply by putting a sign in your yard and putting your home in Zillow’s For Sale By Owner section.

That’s the easy part. The hard part is the paperwork and processes once a buyer is found. A homeowner could find themselves in some seriously hot legal water if they fumble this part. The good news is, you can find a buyer and have a pro handle the hard stuff, the paperwork.

You’re In Control

A 1% Seller Assist agent provides a free consultation to help you figure out the asking price and provide tips for marketing your home to help you find a buyer. When you find a buyer for your home, simply contact your Seller Assist agent to deal with the paperwork and coordinate the process of selling your home. You find the buyer, we handle the hard stuff.

We Deal With The Mountain Of Paperwork

large stack of papers with color coded corners

In an average Columbus real estate deal, there are over 100 pages of documents. These include the contract, disclosures, addendums, inspection reports, appraisal reports, remedy requests, the seller’s response to remedy requests, title, and on and on and on.

We’ll explain it and negotiate the terms between the buyer and seller. We make it simple. You find a buyer, we tackle the mountain of paperwork.

Pay Just 1%

Your 1% Seller Assist agent gets 1% commission from you, the seller, and 1% commission from the buyer. That means you, the seller, only pay 1% compared to the 6% or 7% commission paid for full service. Here’s how much you could save on average:

🏡 An owner of a $200,000 home saves $10,000 to $12,000

🏡 An owner of a $300,000 home saves $15,000 to $18,000

🏡 An owner of a $400,000 home saves $20,000 to $24,000

With these savings, you have more money to negotiate, put towards your next home purchase, or just put more money in your pocket!

Do’s & Don’ts

✔ DO pay less to your 1% Seller Assist Agent than co-oping with a buyer’s agent at 3%

✔ DO get better representation working with a 1% Seller Assist Agent dual agent than with a buyer’s agent who only represents the buyer.

❌ DON’T think an attorney can handle the entire transaction

table comparing home selling services of a lawyer to an agent