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3 Steps For Sellers

1. Marketing Your Home

custom for sale by owner sign created by Seller Assist for homeowners

Find or add your home on Zillow.com and list it as “For Sale By Owner.” Add great photos to your Zillow listing. We can provide you with a list of professional photographers to help your listing stand out online.

Put a sign in your yard. We can provide you with a digital sign template that you can take to a sign shop. Then let your family, friends, and neighbors know that your home is for sale. They might know a potential buyer.

2. Prep Your Home

Start by de-cluttering and de-personalizing your home as much as you possibly can. Homebuyers do not want to see your stuff. They want to see floor space, countertops, and clean shelves. You want them to picture their stuff in the space and not feel uncomfortable. Once you have removed excess stuff, give your home a serious deep cleaning.

Apply fresh paint or touch up paint as needed. Make any necessary repairs. Buyers overwhelmingly prefer homes that are move-in ready.

Once your home is clean, fresh, and repaired, consider staging. Staged homes sell faster for more money. We can recommend professional stagers. It might cost a few hundred dollars, but it can add THOUSANDS of dollars in perceived value to buyers. If you want to stage your home yourself, a few accessories could help your home sell without hiring a professional.

3. Showings

people shaking hands over a table with a calculator, contract, and keys on it

When you start attracting buyers, they will want to see your home. When you schedule showings, ask them to email or text a photo of their driver’s license to you before they arrive. Then you can confirm their identity and have a record of who was in your home.

You may also want to ask potential buyers if they have been pre-approved by a lender. If they are not, you can require that they do so and provide you with a pre-approval letter before you show them your home. This will ensure that only true, serious buyers are coming into your home.

Once you have found a buyer willing to pay an agreed-upon price, get in touch with your Seller Assist agent. We’ll take it from there.