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Frequently Asked Questions

What if the buyer has an agent?

As the home seller, YOU are the one in control. You can choose to work with no agent or multiple agents. If a buyer has an agent, the buyer can pay for their own representation. If they do choose to hire and pay for their own rep, you will NEED your own representation. In which case, you can hire your Seller Assist agent to represent you exclusively for only 2%.

What happens if I can’t find a buyer in the time frame I need?

You can opt for our full listing service at any time. This would include our full-scale marketing strategies and entry into the Columbus MLS.

How hard is it to market my home?

Historically, most FSBOs fail to sell or end up selling for MUCH less than a Realtor could have sold the home for. However, current market conditions are in favor of homeowners who want to sell their homes themselves. You also have the modern advantage of Zillow’s For Sale By Owner category. Zillow spends a ton of money to get buyers on their platform. You can take advantage of that and the current Seller’s Market to help you find a buyer.

If you’re in a popular neighborhood, a sign in the yard can also help you attract buyers, because more people will see that your home is available. If you use our sign template, it will let buyers know that they can find your home on Zillow for more information.

You can duplicate some of the strategies many top agents use including pricing your home properly, hiring a professional photographer, hiring a professional stager, and sharing your home across social media.

The truth is, it does take time, money, and expertise to successfully market a home for sale, but your chances are better than ever right now.

What are my total REALTOR® fees?

Only 1% if you find the buyer and use the Seller Assist agent to handle the paperwork. The home buyer also pays 1%, and the Seller Assist agent works as a “dual agent.” This is a neutral position between seller and buyer.

If you would like our full home seller service where a Realtor handles just about everything except packing your boxes, that’s 6%.