Downsizing 101: A Practical Guide to Streamlining Your Living Space

In today’s fast-paced world, many are choosing to downsize their homes as a way to simplify their lives and focus on what truly matters. Downsizing offers a multitude of benefits, from reducing financial burdens to creating a more sustainable lifestyle. However, the process of downsizing can feel overwhelming if you’re unsure where to begin. Fear not! In this blog post, we will provide you with a practical guide to streamline your living space through the downsizing journey.

A Look Back At The Central Ohio Real Estate Market in 2022

The Central Ohio real estate market had an exciting year in 2022! Despite the challenges brought on by higher interest, homebuyers persevered to pursue their dream of homeownership. As we close out 2022 and reflect back on the past 12 months, it’s clear that Central Ohio was resilient, even in the face of economic uncertainty. … Continued

2022 Housing Market Outlook For Columbus, OH

Many housing investors, prospective homebuyers, and current homeowners are anxious for what 2022 has in store. The housing market has been wild over the past two years. Prices surged to record levels. Inventory is still at or near record lows. As the year comes to an end, and Redfin have published their 2022 real … Continued

5 Tips For Working From Home

Many people are finding that they will be working from home for the foreseeable future and that kids will be doing virtual school for at least part of the upcoming school year. But, is your current home working for you and your family? A lot of people are frustrated by their limited workspace(s) as they … Continued