Jordan Gives 5 Stars to Westerville OH Realtor Rita Boswell

Rita Boswell took time from the beginning to sit down with me and discuss exactly what it was that I was looking for this kept us both from wasting time looking at houses that did not meet my personal criteria. It took us less than a month to find the house that was perfect for me and after I told her that I wanted to make an offer we sat down and discussed what should be included in the offer.

Rita and I looked at the neighborhood, what other houses in the area were selling for, what houses of similar size were selling for in the region, what the previous owner paid, how much the county auditor listed the value, and other factors to make a competitive bid. As you should expect the first offer needed changes before being approved by the seller but they were minor and I was fine with all the changes to the contract.

Rita helped me locate a lender who was able to finance a person with a new career that has a salary that is largely based on commission, she helped me find a home inspector that was certified and did an excellent job highlighting both the negatives and the positives on the house and making recommendations. Rita then sat down with me and discuss what we should ask the seller to fix and why, the entire list of remedies were quickly accepted and fixed by the seller.

Since owning the home Rita has kept in contact with me and has helped me locate contractors and a handyman that have helped me improve the house.

If I had to do it all over again I wouldn’t change a thing.

Jordan Moore purchased a $125k home in 2013 in Westerville, OH. Jordan wrote this review on Zillow and gave REALTOR Rita Boswell a 5 star rating:

  • Local Knowledge: 5 Stars
  • Process Expertise: 5 Stars
  • Responsiveness: 5 Stars
  • Negotiation Skills: 5 Stars

Westerville OH Realtor Rita Boswell Says…

Thank you Jordan for taking the time to write this detailed review on Zillow. It was my pleasure to help you find your perfect home and to assist you after the sale. Thank you for choosing me as your Westerville REALTOR! ~Rita Boswell

Update: Home Sold in 2019

Rita helped Jordan sell this Westerville home quickly for $13K over asking!

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