Do you have an extra bedroom in your home that doesn’t have a defined purpose? If you’re preparing to sell your Central Ohio home, it’s important to stage your whole home, including that spare bedroom.

Buyers aren’t always able to imagine how to use a room. Home staging helps homes sell more quickly and often for more money. Watch my 46 second video and read my 3 easy tips for staging your spare room:

#1 Think About The Room’s Purpose

A spare bedroom can serve as an office, a playroom, a guest bedroom, or a family room/TV room. These are ways potential buyers are most likely to want to use the extra space. Whatever purpose you choose, make sure the space is clearly defined.

#2 De-clutter & Deep Clean

For many people, the spare bedroom becomes a catch-all storage room with everything from unfolded laundry to outdated electronics. With the rooms purpose in mind, store, donate, or re-organize the items in the room. If the spare room hasn’t been cleaned in a long time, give it a good deep cleaning. Dirt and odors are a big turn off for potential buyers.

#3 Furniture & DecorWesterville OH Staged Bedroom by Rita Boswell

Columbus OH Staged Bedroom by Rita Boswell

Now for the fun part – decorating! If you don’t have the right furniture or decor pieces for the room’s purpose, consider pulling items from other rooms in your home. This will both de-clutter other parts of your home and help to stage the spare bedroom. You can also borrow items from friends and family to help fill out the space. Don’t go too crazy, though, keep it simple so it doesn’t overwhelm buyers. When you’re picking out items for the room, stick to an overall neutral color palette.

Let A Pro Help You Prepare Your Home To Sell

With these three easy tips, you can turn that neglected spare bedroom into a beautiful space potential buyers will easily see themselves living in.

If you’re ready to sell your Columbus, OH home and need more home staging tips and ideas, contact me, Rita Boswell at 614-830-9767. I love helping home sellers prepare their home for the Central Ohio real estate market.

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