Not all buyers are going to be serious about buying your house, even if they request a showing. Even if they say “This home is amazing!” or “I would love to live here!” that might not always mean they are serious about buying. Keep reading to know the signs that a buyer’s just not that into your house.

1. They Aren’t Pre-Approved

If a buyer isn’t pre-approved by a lender, there is no way to tell if they can even afford the house. Don’t consider an offer if the buyer isn’t pre-approved. 

They may say they LOVE your house. They may feel like it’s The One. They may not know they need to have pre-approval before they start looking at homes. For you, home seller, the bottom line is that there is a high likelihood that these buyers cannot buy your home. You don’t want to get halfway through the selling process, only to find out that they can’t get a loan for your house.

2. They Don’t Have An Agent

Since Buyers’ Agents are paid by the seller, there is no real reason for a serious buyer not to have one. If they don’t have an agent, they probably aren’t really ready to buy a house. They’re probably kicking tires.

If they are ready to buy, but don’t want to use an agent for some reason, and they do make an offer, be wary. They could make the process difficult because they don’t know what they’re doing. Additionally, buying or selling a house both require real work. A buyer without that help is likely to fall behind on the tasks that need to happen for a successful, timely closing.

3. You Meet Them At An Open House

Open houses really aren’t good places to meet serious buyers. Buyers who are dedicated to buying a home now will request a private showing. This allows them to experience the home without 20 other people in the way. Serious buyers also know that the best homes can sell fast, so if they like your house, they will want to see it ASAP.

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4. They’re All Talk

If a buyer keeps promising that they’ll make an offer, and they talk about how they love it so much, they would make an offer, right? Well, most of the time. If they say these kinds of things but never actually put in an offer, then it’s a sign that they’re dragging their feet and don’t really want the house.

5. A Quick Showing

If they rush through the showing, this is a big sign they aren’t interested in the home. Breezing through a showing may mean that the house is not a good fit. Or, they may have already found a home they love, and yours might be Plan B or C.

6. They Just Started Looking For A Home

On average, it takes a buyer 3 months to buy. The first house or two that a buyer looks at usually aren’t the ones that end up being bought. So, if your house is in week 1 or 2 of someone’s house hunt, they’re probably not quite ready to make an offer on a house.

7. The Offer Is Ridiculously Low

If they make an insanely lowball offer, they most likely don’t want the home. Serious buyers today will put their best offer forward rather than offering way under asking price.

Some buyers routinely make lowball offers. They’re fishing and looking for a bite. If you have properly prepared and priced your home, and you’re working with a home selling expert, you don’t have to entertain an insultingly low offer.

8. They Keep Nitpicking

If the buyer seems to find fault in everything, and asks you to fix every little issue, that’s a red flag. The reasoning for this is that they might want to back out, and finding many issues with the home is a good excuse to leave.

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