A recent report from Zillow looked at how much more annual income renters in metro areas would need each month to keep up with increases in rent.

The report found that renters in Seattle, LA, and Boston need the biggest income boosts in 2017 to keep up with increasing rent.

How Much More Rent Money You'll Need

# Metro Annual Income
Boost Needed
1 Seattle $1,248
2 Los Angeles $1,152
3 Boston $1,140
4 Sacramento, CA $792
5 Orlando $672

Rent Increasing In Columbus OH

Compared to the metros above, Columbus renters will fare relatively well – needing only $240 extra yearly to keep up with rising rents.

Still, with rent and home values predicted to continue to increase in Central Ohio, it makes sense to buy a home. After all, why pay your landlord’s mortgage AND pad his or her pockets when you could be building your own wealth?

What You Need To Buy A Home In Central Ohio

There’s a lot of misconceptions about what is needed to buy a home and get a mortgage. For instance, did you know you don’t always need 20% down?

If you’re tired of renting, contact me, REALTOR® Rita Boswell at 614-830-9767 to learn more about the home buying process.

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