If you’re wondering “what is a gated community,” it’s a group of homes that are only accessible to residents and their guests. While it does sound prestigious, keep these advantages and disadvantages of living in a gated community in mind before you buy a home in a gated community.

Pro: Privacy

One obvious advantage to living behind the gates is more privacy. Most of these communities are guarded by a passcode-protected gate so that only members and welcome guests can get in. The cars in the neighborhood will be almost exclusively other residents.

Con: It Will Be Harder For Guests To Enter

The increased privacy also means that it will be much harder for guests get in to attend your party. These communities will require that guest passes for events be handed out ahead of time, so if somebody forgets their pass, which often happens, you’ll have to call the gatehouse and request their entrance.

Pro: Great Amenities

These neighborhoods often have superb amenities. Neighborhood pools, tennis and basketball courts, parks, clubhouses and more can often be found in gated communities in Columbus, Ohio.

Con: Pricey

Remember that while there are great amenities, you’re the one paying for them. This can add up to hundreds of dollars more that you have to spend for the neighborhood to maintain these services. The houses themselves also cost more because of the prestige of living in a gated community.

Pro: Regular Upkeep

You won’t have to worry about messy neighbors, since the HOA will usually keep up the neighborhood, often times even mowing people’s lawns. This ensures that the community is always nice and presentable if you ever decide to sell.

Con: Restrictive HOA

The HOA will not only maintain your neighborhood, but also put restrictions on what you do with your house. It can prevent you from having a bold colored door or solar panels on your roof. Check HOA bylaws before buying a home in a gated community.

Pro: Less Traffic

The protective gates mean that nobody will be speeding down your streets or looking for a shortcut through your neighborhood. The streets will be calm and you will be able to enjoy just relaxing outside.

Con: Harder For Deliveries

If the number code system for your community is down, or you give a company the wrong numbers, then you may never get your delivery. This can affect anything from a simple pizza delivery to a plumber or electrician being blocked from entering.

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