The financial crisis affected so many who had no choice but to sell or relinquish their Central Ohio homes and take a credit hit. Those who did are starting to see their credit improve and are wondering if it’s time to re-visit the world of home ownership in the Columbus area.

Many of you are understandably more cautious, yet home ownership is still the best way to build wealth in Central Ohio. The key is using the lessons of the past to avoid another misfortune.

If your credit is in good shape, you are more ready to get back into home ownership. Columbus area home owners have up to 45 times the wealth of renters. It really comes down to whose wealth do you want to build? Your landlord’s or your own?

How To Build Family Wealth in Central Ohio

Ready To Start Building Your Family’s Wealth?

As a Central OH REALTOR®, I help families achieve their goal of home ownership everyday! I have an excellent track-record for working with Columbus area home buyers, and I would be honored to help you too!

If you’re thinking about buying a home, contact me, Rita Boswell, at 614-830-9767. I’ll connect you with the resources you need to buy a home, and I’ll be your guide and advocate throughout the entire home buying process.

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