We’re so proud to announce that Columbus OH Realtor Rita Boswell has won the ICON Agent Award in her first year with eXp Realty!

Big THANK YOU to our clients for choosing the Rita Boswell Group and making this possible. We are so fortunate to have fantastic clients and an excellent network of professionals that make success possible.

Rita Boswell’s ICON Agent Video



“Joining exp Realty has truly been one of the best decisions that I’ve made in my business. I set a goal right from the start of making ICON and I’m so proud that I’ve accomplished that in my first year.

To me, ICON is a stepping stone to more amazing goals and accomplishments in my business, and I have, I’ll say, some pretty big goals ahead. So, I believe that keeping a positive attitude is so important in this business, as well as being open to learning and growing.

There’s so many awesome leaders, mentors, and coaches at exp that we have available to us and we can connect with and we can learn from. I’m so excited for more learning, growing, meeting new people, mentoring others, and new opportunities that are available at eXp Realty. I’m just so blessed that my journey has brought me here.” – Rita Boswell

What Is The ICON Agent Award?

For those of you not in the real estate industry or not familiar with eXp Realty, you are probably wondering what the ICON Agent Award is.

ICON Agent is an award program for top producing eXp Realty agents. Earning ICON Agent status is possibly one of the best rewards for a successful real estate agent with eXp Realty.

The award gives qualified eXp Realty agents up to $16,000 in publicly traded eXp World Holdings common stock. Since eXp’s cap is currently $16,000, ICON Agents basically earn up to their entire cap amount back in stock.

The ICON Agent award isn’t just about making sales, though. To earn this award, an agent must also give back by teaching a class, serving on a committee or on a panel. This helps eXp Realty to have a supportive culture that helps agents best serve clients.

The eXp ICON Agent Award is on top of their generous Compensation Plan, Revenue Share, and Stock Ownership.

As you can see, achieving ICON status is a huge accomplishment. The fact that Rita Boswell did it in her first year with eXp Realty is truly impressive.

Joining eXp Realty

Many agents agree that switching to eXp Realty was one of the best things they did for their business now and in the future. If you’re thinking about joining eXp Realty in Columbus, contact Realtor Rita Boswell at 614-830-9767 to learn more.

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