At the Rita Boswell Group, we know how challenging it can be to find the right home or to sell a home. To further help our community, we have partnered with Community Connections United to offer the Benefits Plus program in Columbus, Ohio.

What is Community Connections United Benefits Plus?

Community Connections United (CCU) offers a benefit program called Benefits Plus. This is a simple real estate rebate program that connects employees with a highly skilled real estate agent to help them buy or sell a home. Then, the employee receives CASH BACK on the transaction!

How Much Does The Community Connections United Benefits Plus Program Cost?

Nothing. Seriously, it is a FREE program that allows your organization to offer a Real Estate Cash Back benefit to all of your employees.

How Does CCU Benefits Plus Work For Employees?

Home Finding Service

  • We understand the challenges of finding the right home
  • We make the best use of the home buyer’s time and ease their stress
  • CCU Benefits Plus offers a $5 return on each $1K of purchase price back to your employee if they are using a CCU selected agent

Home Listing Service

  • Property being listed receives maximum market exposure
  • CCU Benefits Plus offers a $5 return on each $1K of the final sales price to your employee when using a CCU selected agent

How Much Will An Employee Get Back?

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How Will The Program Be Implemented At Our Organization?

CCU works with the organization or employer to provide one point of contact for the employee or HR department to call to make use of the program.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The Community Connections United Benefits Plus program is only available as allowable by law in each state and certain requirements may have to be met. Currently not available in Alabama, Alaska, Iowa, Kansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, Oklahoma, Oregon, Tennessee and only available for purchases in New Jersey. The program is only available for those purchasing and or selling property in approved states, using our network prior to beginning any relationship with a real estate agent. Rebates are paid out typically l4 days after closing; amount rebated is considered taxable income to the recipient, per I.R.S. regulations, and recipient will be issued a 1099 form after year end.

Buying & Selling With The Rita Boswell Group

When considering employee benefits, you want a program that will be a win/win for you and your employees. By providing the Community Connections United Benefits Plus program for your employees, they will be connected with top notch Realtors and they will get cash back after they close. Since this costs the employer nothing, it’s an easy win/win benefit to offer at your company or organization.

As a CCU partner, we at the Rita Boswell Group provide excellent home buying and listing services. Rita Boswell is a 5 Star Columbus Realtor who has helped many home buyers and sellers. She is experienced in relocation and is ready to help your employees in their move.