Rita is a born helper and problem solver, so it is only natural that she has worked to earn the RCS-D (divorce designation). In divorce, there are many problems to be solved. One of the biggest issues couples face is who gets the house.

After all, the family home is usually the most significant asset, and it usually carries significant debt. For those facing divorce, keeping the house may or may not be the best decision. There are many variables to consider.

Keep in mind that simply subtracting the mortgage from the appraisal doesn’t equal equity. Using this flawed equation makes your home over-valued, which works against you in elder matters and in divorce.

You don’t have to settle for a property settlement that doesn’t work for you. Besides the issue of unfairly and/or inaccurately dividing the property, your risks include damage to your credit, default, foreclosure, and possibly even bankruptcy.

Think back on the mountain of paperwork you signed when purchasing the house. For most people, those documents are missing when mediating the home. We can help you gather the necessary house documents so you can make an informed decision regarding real equity and whether or not it makes sense to keep the house. 

If you’re going to keep the house, keep it for all the right reasons. Let a real estate agent specializing in divorce (an RCS-DTM designee) help you through the difficult time.

For Columbus, Ohio homeowners, the best REALTOR® who specializes in divorce may be Rita Boswell. She has earned the RCS-DTM designation as a Real Estate Collaboration Specialist and she has personal experience as well as professional experience.

Rita is trained to make divorce real estate a business transaction in the best interest of the house and each divorcing spouse. As the lead on your divorce real estate team, Rita Boswell can be the project manager who works with you and your lawyers. She can also refer other professionals who specialize in divorce to help you gather the documents and schedule consultations.

If you or someone you know is a Central Ohio homeowner facing divorce, contact REALTOR® Rita Boswell at 614-830-9767 to find out how she can help you determine YOUR best options.

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