Silicon Valley and large coastal cities make up the majority of where venture capital winds up. However, this influx of capital into places like Silicon Valley has created high prices both inside and outside the start up world.

According to Moody’s Analytics, median home prices in San Francisco are at $1.1 million. Meanwhile, business costs are 57 percent more than in St. Louis and 54 percent higher than Atlanta.

With costs in mind, some investors are looking toward the mid-west for their next opportunity. This prompted Forbes to identify the top 10 emerging cities for startups.

Columbus made the top spot because of its colleges, low costs of living and doing business, and increase in venture capital deals.

Venture capital deal values are growing in Columbus. Thanks to work by venture capitalists and funds that planted the seeds for success years ago, Columbus has a flourishing startup culture.

The financing available to build companies has helped to retain talent graduating from local colleges and universities.

In Columbus and many of the rising cities for startups, lower business costs were a major advantage.

Top 10 Emerging Cities For Startups

  1. Columbus
  2. St. Louis
  3. Atlanta
  4. Denver
  5. Baltimore
  6. Cincinnati
  7. Portland
  8. Philadelphia
  9. Minneapolis / St. Paul
  10. Charlotte NC

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Move To Columbus

If you’re looking for a great city to start a business, take a closer look at Columbus! It’s a great place to do business and enjoy living well without breaking the bank.

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