UPDATE: April 1, 2020

Due to the Corona virus, many favorite local businesses have had to think outside the box. The Art Of Music LLC will be offering a 3-week online session, “On The Road Again.”

The Art Of Music LLC will be bagging up all the supplies, materials, and photo instructions for these Art Projects and then offering a curbside pick up time for families enrolling in this session to pick up their Art Bags. Everyone will be practicing strict social distancing during this curbside pick up (everyone will remain in their cars).  They are offering a weekly online class for the littles to participate in the Art and Music experiences we are planning and another online class for school-aged kids to participate in our All Art class.

“During the virtual “On The Road Again” three week session, we will work on Artworks in a variety of media such as “Our Favorite Camp Site” sculpture, a “Souvenir Box” art piece, and a “Bear” wall hanging, just to name a few.

During music, for the younger children, we will sometimes integrate music with our art making and also experience different musical styles through fine and gross motor movement, finger plays, rhythm instrument play, parachute play, and other musical activities.”

Dates: April 13-27
Fee: $105 for 3-week session

Get More Details From the Class Flyer

Give your kids a fun activity during this stressful time, and help support a great local business!



Years ago, art and music classes were being removed from schools to make time for preparing for standardized tests. Yet recently, people have been increasingly promoting the arts for children to help them be more well-rounded.

Sculptor Magdalena Abakanowicz once said, “Art does not solve problems, but makes us aware of their existence.” However, being educated in the arts can solve some problems.

Being involved in the arts can improve your cognitive abilities, reduce stress, and improve overall happiness in children of all ages.

A Blend of Arts and Music

The Art of Music LLC is a great way for your child to experience art in a fun, social setting. They can participate in a wide range of activities that will really bring out their creative side. Drawing, painting, crafts, and music are all used to help a child express themselves creatively. With countless hands-on activities, kids are bound to love The Art of Music LLC.

The 6-Week Session

The Art of Music LLC offers programs and provides all materials needed for children to explore the arts. This program allows children to develop their:

  • Spatial and body awareness
  • Language and social skills
  • Friendship and acceptance
  • Appreciation of the arts

After this fun-filled experience, your child will come home happy and with great memories that they will cherish for life.

They offer a FREE trial class to anyone wishing to try their classes out first, not including Kids’ Yoga.

Introducing Kids Yoga

Our children live in a fast-paced world full of stressful situations. This can have a massive negative effect on their overall happiness.

As a response to this, Art of Music LLC created a Kids’ Yoga class. In this 45 minute long class, kids will participate in calming yoga poses along with more fun activities and movements.

Each class helps students with fitness, coordination, body awareness, relaxation and social skills using the medium of yoga.

Sessions also focus on breathing exercises, improving children’s health as well as their concentration,

The People Behind The Art of Music

This incredible team is a mixture of talented artists, therapists, and child development experts.

Dawn Byus is a singer and pianist. She is also a Fine Arts graduate of Ohio University in Music Therapy with almost 30 years of experience in Music Therapy.

Katy Sanford is an artist, painter, and designer who offers her own art classes for children through adults. She graduated from Bowling Green State University and has taught children of all ages.

Vicki Lleonart is a Licensed Massage Therapist with 20 years of experience working in the pediatric field, 15 years of that being at a children’s hospital. She believes massage therapy is crucial to a child’s development.

Kelly Withrow has a degree in Child Development and has spent plenty of time teaching preschool-age kids. However, she has experience with kids from infancy to school age.

Lindsay Buis is a graduate of Eastern Kentucky University with degrees in Recreational Therapy and Special Education. She loves art and has even taken up the hobby of crochet.

Ready To Get Into Arts and Music?

Are you interested in this amazing opportunity? Here’s more information about The Art of Music LLC:


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